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Anything Slider
Image Panels are HTML Content (can be anything). Change content by scrolling horizontally or vertically, or by cross-fading* between slides. * New in version 1.8! Multiple AnythingSliders allowable per-page. Add or remove content, then easily update the slider. Themes can be applied to individual sliders. Infinite/Continuous sliding (always slides in the direction you are going, even at "last" slide). This can be disabled. Show multiple slides within AnythingSlider at once (added version 1.5.14). Expand the slider to fit inside of its container (so it now works with full width or any percentage width fluid layouts; added in version 1.5.16). Optionally resize each panel (specified).
Book Block
Image BookBlock is a plugin that can be used for creating booklet-like components that allow a “page flip” navigation. Any content can be used, such as images or text. The plugin transforms the structure only when needed (i.e. when flipping a page) and uses some overlays as shadow for the pages to create more realism. We will be using jQuery++ by Bitovi which has some add-ons for jQuery (specifically, to add the swipe event)
Bootstrap Slider
Image BOOTSTRAP CAROUSEL & SLIDER. Create responsive image sliders for your website in a few clicks, without coding! Bootstrap Slider is totally free for personal and commercial use.
Image Transition : specify the type of transition you want your slideshow to perform. Currently, Skippr accepts either 'fade' or 'slide'. The Slide transitions are acccelerated using velocity.js by Julian Shapiro. Speed : enter length of time in milliseconds you want the transition between slides to take. Default is 500. Easing : enter the camelCase name of the easing property you want to use with slide transitions. All jquery UI easing properties are accepted. Default is 'easeOutQuart'. NavType : enter a string of what shape you want the navigation elements to be. Skippr currently takes either "block" or "bubble". Default is "block".
Item Slide
Image A simple & beautiful touch carousel Website. Full Screen Example. Features Touch swiping and Mousewheel scrolling. The ability to "swipe out" slides, Centered carousel or left sided (default is centered)
Simple Slider
Image It's powerful and at the same time a Simple Slider and download the simpleslider.js file. Don't forget to download transit.js if you're going for a complete (and still simple) slider. Now you have the files you can include them in your header. SimpleSlider will now do the rest. Are you looking for more options? Check the Github readme! SimpleSlider standard comes with a few methods, triggers and a tracker. These are all easy to configure. More information about them can be found on the Github page.
Flexisel Slider
Image As long as there has been jQuery there have been image carousels created with jQuery. The famous jCarousel has been out since 2006, the same year the first version of jQuery was released. However, with the explosion of users now using their mobile devices for their internet browsing — on iPhones, iPads, and the like — it becomes necessary for jQuery plugins to support a good user experience on these devices. Enter Flexisel, the responsive image carousel with options specifically available for adapting the carousel for mobile and tablet devices. Check out the demo here. Resize your browser window to see how you the plugin can adjust to the window width. Flexisel will adapt responsively as the screen width gets smaller...
Film Roll Slider
Image Centers one item at a time in the view. Uses css classes for easy styling / transitions/ Provides previous / next buttons and pagination automatically. Defaults to auto scroll with pause on hover Supports full screen usage. Swipe movement if TouchSwipe is present. Yet to be implemented: Simple external link using classes/ids.
Rhino Slider
Image Rhinoslider is a multiple effects jQuery slider. It can be used as a simple fading or sliding jQuery slideshow or as a rich effects jQuery slider. Each effect can be applied to run in different. Directions and it is possible to create individual effects by changing the settings. Rhinoslider is the most flexible jQuery slideshow there is. Be welcome to try it yourself. Not only do we offer a variety of effects, we also allow you to add your own styles, effects and features to the slider. We also give you a mighty tool: The generator. Even with very limited JavaScript and jQuery experience it should be no problem to implement Rhinoslider into your website. Just build your customized call by click-and-see and copy it into your .js-file
Image μslider is the jQuery content slider by musings. In the new 2.0 version it is responsive and it has the "swipe touch" support for mobile/touch devices! It's very easy to use because it has a few essential options that can be configured straightforwardly. You can set up: the functioning style (responsive or not) the slider height and width (non responsive mode) or their ratio (responsive mode; see how to for all the configuration possibilities) how to start the animation (manually or automatically) the transition effect (horizontal slide, vertical slide or fade) the animation duration the time Interval between slides (if the animation starts automatically) μslider can slide anything: images (with or without caption and "lazy" load) text, audio & video via HTML5 and complete native support) audio & video via Vimeo and YouTube (complete support by downloading a little patch) iframes.