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jQuery pop menu

Click the buttons below to have a try.

Demo 1: Default menu

Demo 2: Menu with square corners and orange background

Demo 3: Menu with border and custom colors

How to use:


You can use parameters below.

    'controller': true,       // use control button or not
    'width': '300px',         // width of menu
    'background': '#34495e',  // background color of menu
    'focusColor': '#1abc9c',  // hover color of menu's buttons
    'borderRadius': '10px',   // radian of angles, '0' for right angle
    'top': '50',              // pixels that move up
    'left': '0',              // pixels that move left
    'iconSize': '100px',       // size of menu's buttons
    'color': '#fff'            // color of menu's text
    'border': '1px solid #000', // border style for the menu box

Find more information on github.