Free Responsive Website Stuff Blog

Like a lot of people I started designing websites with a WYSIWYG software, but soon got frustrated because it couldn't do what I wanted to do, so I started to learn HTML, but found CSS confusing with all the numbers etc. But over the years I began to learn it, and still learning now. There is always new stuff coming out to design a website in CSS. Also learning about Responsive website designing, but if your new to programing, don't give up, there is always Google etc to help you. I use Notepad ++ to write my programs, very useful if you have a lot of div's.

As I was living on a low income I searched the Internet for free software. Then I had the idea of starting a website to share with others the free software, widgets etc I found. I do not earn any money from the site, but have a couple of adds from Amazon, so if you shop from Amazon would be nice if you clicked on them, then did your shopping...thank you.

Now the Internet has gone "Responsive". I have search for free responsive stuff, hence the site name :) There is a lot of free stuff, which I have added. So I hope you can make, design a responsive site. If you do make a website, with free stuff, then send me your link to your site, and you will find on this blog I have made a small image and a link to my site. If you would be kind enough to add my website to yours I would be grateful. Good luck with your site and hope you make some money and or friends.

This Blog and my main site was all made with free Templates and I just fiddled about with them to how I wanted the layout. And if I can do it, then anyone can :)