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Backgrounds Giant
Welcome to Backgrounds giant! There are thousands of royalty free backgrounds currently available. Above you will find the navigation bar with the selection of royalty free images. More free backgrounds which are royalty free will come soon! Download all the royalty free graphics you want! Please feel free to use all the free textures and cool background images you would like. Just right click on any image to download the royalty free image to your computer.
Webpage Backgrounds
A massive directory of high quality, seamless, free backgrounds for use on your site!
Pattern Cooler
Add your own colors to 100s of cool FREE pattern designs, or browse from 10,000s of pre-colored patterns using the new seamless pattern background editor. All artworks on this site can be used freely for Blogger and Twitter backgrounds, web and graphic design projects, PhotoShop texture tiles and fills, mobile phone wallpapers and personal artwork, blogs and websites.
80 Stunning Background Patterns For Your Websites. We are always attracted to the outstanding design, layout or content when we click in a website, but seldom of us would notice the textures and patterns that are used. If there are only background colors, many websites would not be that eye-catching as they are now.
Subtle Patterns
There has always been great resources available online for designers and developers, and I have been using these myself since I started making websites some twelve years ago, that is the fantastic thing about the web community. Now I am using Subtle Patterns as my way of giving back to the next (and current) generation of web designers and developers or anyone else who needs some high quality patterns.